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Shawn Harris
High School Art
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Mr. Harris is a K-12 certified art teacher and has been teaching in Missouri since 2000. He has taught art at every grade level including college level classes and has taught art to students ranging in age from 5 to 75. Mr. Harris earned an Associates Degree from Highland Community College, a Bachelor Degree from Emporia State University and a Masters Degree from the University of Central Missouri.

Mr. Harris is not only an art teacher but a practicing artist as well.  Mr. Harris prefers to work with 3-dimensional materials like clay, glass and steel, but is very accomplished with 2-dimensional materials such as graphite and charcoal. In his free time, Mr. Harris enjoys relaxing with his wife Linda and their son Benjamin. They like to travel, explore the outdoors and create art.


"I believe the hard work in teaching is teaching students how to have innovate solutions and ideas. Creative problem solving is absolutely the most important thing to me. I think what I can do in my class will reinforce what's being done in a math class, a science class or a communication arts class. Art is often considered a creative outlet, but it's not an outlet. It's a connection. If I'm successful in my job, here in the classroom, then my students will be successful in any job, anywhere.

My role as an art educator is to create a learning environment that addresses the needs of a diverse population and provide students an atmosphere in which creative thinking is encouraged and developed. My goal is to provide a classroom environment that addresses the needs of diverse learners. Finding and making personal connections with a diverse population of learners is something I develped through collaboration with students, educators, community, as well as my own personal reflection and professional development."




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