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Business Technology II


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Instructor: Genee’ Fischer                                         E-mail: [email protected]



Course Syllabus



Business Technology II is designed to study computer technology in-depth and have the available time to learn word-processing, database, web design, publishing, and presentation.  This is the final technology course offered and student will exit course with full-knowledge to enter college or employment in a business career.


  1. Understand the history of computer technology
  2. Know computer terminology
  3. Be aware of technological advances in hardware and software
  4. Be proficient in the use of Microsoft Window programs
  5. Student will help design and update THS Web Page.
  6. Exhibit leadership skills in problem solving scenarios of different office situations.
  7. Compare the different types of organizations: proprietorship, partnership, corporation, etc.
  8. Prepare the documents needed to apply for a job, select and research a potential employer and participate in an interview.
  9. Student will complete a business simulation.


This course will follow the Tipton High School grading scale.

Grading Structure

  • Student performance will be evaluated through assignments, exams, quizzes, and projects.
  • Many times work assigned will be completed in class.
  • There will be a test after every chapter with the occasional quiz.  Test & quizzes will be announced at least two days in advance.
  • One day a month the students will be asked to dress in professional attire.  This day will be called “Cardinal Dress for Success” day.  The students will be given points for participating in this monthly assignment.  They will be given a rubric for what is acceptable and NOT acceptable for dress attire.


To get into class after the bell rings, the student will need a completed tardy pass in their handbook.


  • Deadlines are very important in the business world, therefore, due dates will be strictly enforced.  The teacher under abnormal circumstances may make special consideration.
  • If you are absent on a test day or when homework is due, you are expected to comply with assignment the day you return to class.
  • When you are absent, YOU are responsible for missed assignments.  The time allowed to make up the work will be agreed upon between the student and the teacher.
  • See school “Hand Book” for pre-arrangement policy.

Classroom Rules

  • Each student will be prepared for class.  Being prepared consist of having a pen or pencil and any assignment required for that day.
  • Use all equipment with care and consideration.  Please refrain from playing with any equipment not being used by your class.  If equipment is misused you will receive a “0” for the day.  A second offense will result with a meeting with the Principal.
  • Dishonesty will not be tolerated.  Any student who chooses to cheat will receive “0” credit for that assignment, the incident will be recorded.
  • Each student will respect their peers and the teacher.

Classroom Materials Required

  • Two glue sticks OR a roll of double stick tape.